Statement of Purpose

This blog is not my first, but as I am preparing to launch into graduate studies I have looked over the posts on my undergraduate blog,  and I have found myself somewhat dissatisfied with my work. I have plenty of articles on there which I’m very proud of, and I greatly enjoyed picking up the hobby of blogging, but the purpose of the former blog was to practice my writing, to share my ideas, to try new ideas out, to give myself a repository for material I wish others had written on (but they hadn’t, so I had to), and, finally, to help my memory retention. Although my writing has improved, I have also picked up some somewhat intellectually irresponsible (or ‘lazy’) habits. I often gloss over ideas which I should think about more carefully. I also believe I should put more effort into making my writing more accessible (to whatever degree that’s feasible given the nature of the things about which I want to write), or at least clearer. Most of the articles among the over 420 on the former blog were written in the space of 45 minutes to an hour. I have learnt to write fast, but I haven’t really learnt to write well.

The previous blog has served it’s purpose, but for this blog I have a new vision. A vision to raise the quality of my arguments and analyses, and to sanitize my writing habits of the intellectual laziness so evident in my former work. I will inevitably clean up and republish much of my former work, and bring a number of thoughts together into more comprehensive syntheses. For instance I will be able to produce more comprehensive posts on topics such as Molinism, the Traditional doctrine of Hell, Extreme Modal Realist theodicies, arguments for God’s existence, the analytic-synthetic distinction and the structure of God’s knowledge, and, of course, plenty of thoughts on the philosophy of time.


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