Academic Papers

Published Papers:

The Life of St. Anthony: a Mendicant Hagiography

Religious Assent in Roman Catholicism


Unpublished Academic Papers:

I follow Paul, I follow Cephas: A Review of Karen King

On the way towards identifying a Typologically-Melchizedekian exegetical tradition in the period of Late Judaism

The εὐαγγέλιον of the Resurrection: A Review of the First Chapter of Helmut Koester’sAncient Christian Gospels

Is Mind-Brain Interactionism Really in Trouble?

The Resurrection as the Linchpin of the Catholic Faith

The Grand Finale: A Review of Koester’s Chapters 4 & 5

Gnosticism and the Birth of Dogma

Was Berkeley a ‘Rational’ Empiricist?

Oh God My Lover: A Brief Apologetic for Mechthild of Maldeburg’s Erotic Mysticism

Perception, Motion, and Epistemology in Aristotle’s De Anima

The Pursuit of Happiness in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics: Three readings of the ἔργον Argument

Indulgences: Martin Luther and the Catholic Tradition of Indulgence

No Analogy: Thomas Aquinas and Karl Barth

The B-Theory is True: Arguments From Natural Theology, Set-Theory and Epistemology

Reasonableness, Religion and Rawls

Theism in Locke’s Natural Law

Qualified Realism

The Resurrection of Natural Law: Natural Law, Moralism, and the Problem of Religious Affinity

Divine Command Theory and Moral Obligations

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