Undergraduate Blog

I began blogging as an undergraduate, and greatly enjoyed it. However, as I am finishing up my undergraduate studies and looking forward to pursuing graduate studies, I realize that most of the work on my undergraduate blog is too informal and less academic than I’d like it to be. Granted that a blog is always only ever going to be a blog, I have more or less accomplished the goals I had in mind for the undergraduate blog, and would now like to challenge myself to do something more difficult.

On the previous blog my aim was principally to enjoy trying on new ideas to see how they fit, practicing my writing and composition skills, sharing ideas and arguments and writing posts at a rate of about one or two per week (sometimes more, sometimes less). In total I have written about 420 articles on the previous blog, some of which I remain very satisfied with, but most of which I feel now in retrospect are less well argued, less careful, and less ‘academic’ than I would like. I aim, with this new blog, to write better quality articles which I can be proud to put on display as examples of the level of work of which I am capable.

I also suspect that though the previous blog has given me an outlet to practice writing and composing arguments, it has also led me to pick up some bad habits, such as writing without having given an issue due reflection, or writing for the sake of writing something. I want to disabuse myself of these vices, and thus my purpose for this new blog will be to write more carefully, thoughtfully, and well.

I invite everyone who is interested in my undergraduate blog to check it out at http://www.thirdmillennialtemplar.wordpress.com

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